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Ever since there are “apps”, no matter if the platform is Apple, Google or Microsoft, developers have gotten an framework with a lot of functionality and “rules & regulations” which actually make it a lot easier to write an application. Unfortunately there is nothing like this for desktop applications, every developer need to reinvent the wheel, or in this case maintain a website to make their application downloadable and create solutions for installing & updating.

I hade the same problem with Greenshot, and besides sharing this I wanted to make the components for Greenshot of a better quality by no longer embedding them in spaghetti code. Dapplo is based on the experience build while developing and modernizing Greenshot. Having a bit of experience writing apps, it quickly shows how many services are missing, and how much infrastructure needs to be maintained by one self.

The idea behind Dapplo is to provide Open-Source building blocks, with utilities and service which should support building .NET applications much quicker. There even is a plan to write a .NET application which can download and update small “dapplo” based applications. Like a single .NET process hosting multiple tools which can be selected from a “quick-start” by pressing + a.

Anyway, this is where this project might move to and is far from reality. What this site does offer: I have made documentation for some of the Greenshot building blocks available here.